Rejuvenation Earlobe

The Earlobe is subject to the effects of gravity and aging like the rest of the face. An ear lobe aged is elongates and has wrinkles and lost volume. In Hoogstra Medical Centers have the tools to reverse these signs. The carbon dioxide laser stimulates collagen fibers, it produces shortening and recover the lost volume. The result is maintained over time. Usually a single session is enough to achieve the desired result. Resurfacing carbon dioxide laser is an outpatient procedure. Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra has over 20 years of clinical experience and is visited by patients from around the world see...

Ear lobe, close the hole

With the popularity of earrings as accessories, elongation, or tear, and even a complete tear of the earlobes have become very common. These tears are often the result of heavy earrings, or a strong sudden pull down of the earrings. Lobes also lengthen over the years and are tuned, this leads to the patient's desire to give volume and shortening. The closure of the orifice of the lobes is done under local anesthesia, is a quick procedure, the patient is immediately to your normal life and the ring is placed in the same act on a high and generally a bit more centered place. To learn more ab...

Ears – Otoplasty

orejas -otoplastía
Cosmetic surgery of the ears. Otoplasty is a simple and short intervention used to correct the shape and size of the ears, or the angle formed by the face. The most common modification is performed on the so-called "ear pinning " or " protruding ears ". Ears also fixed the glass or the deformations resulting from trauma. The protruding or prominent ears are important because complex, especially in children and youth, but also adults. Usually operated from age 8, when the outcome the intervention does not affect its evolution. To learn more about this treatment, please enter here. functio...