Ricardo Hoogstra MD has received ISAPS recognition

Ricardo Hoogstra MD has received ISAPS recognition by his work on eyelid rejuvenation without scars. Ricardo Hoogstra has been developing his own technique through more than 20 years. His technique was published on ISAPS News on july 2017 issue: “Global perspectives: blepharoplasty” Ricardo Hoogstra was invited to present his work on ISAPS Miami 2018. Renato Saltz, MD - ISAPS President: “Dear Ricardo, Thank you for your excellent contributions to the ISAPS News! Send me some topics for Miami Beach 2018, it will be the greatest ISAPS Meeting in history” J. Peter Rubin, MD - ISAP...

Face Refresh bladeless

Radiofrequency by micro needles Have you ever imagined how your skin would be if your face does not show the passage of time? Do you know there are techniques to get your face as it was when you were 20? An effective alternative to intervention is radiofrequency through micro needles, a minimally invasive procedure that promotes colagenesis. We will tell you all about this great technique.. Over the years, the face is losing the skin's natural collagen, fibrous molecules that form its structure and resist tensile forces. By becoming deficient of this protein, the skin starts to show no ton...

What are my possibilities before entering the Surgery room?

If you feel the time has come to look better, these are some of the procedures available that we recommend. Quick and effective face rejuvenation: This tratment allows a quick rejuvenation and fast recovery, on ocassions when required attend to an event, or before a party. Naso labial furrows and chinned lip: Over the years dips appear below the lower lip and also grooves that go from the nose to the upper lip become deeper giving the appearance of an aging face. These days, fillers are safe and effective in allowing us to mitigate one session and give the face a natu...

New Medical Center in Pilar

Hoogstra Medical Center: New opening in Pilar The most advanced laser technology in health treatments and facial and body arrives in the New Complex VOHE in Pilar: hair removal, facial rejuvenation, acne, skin blemishes, onychomycosis, Facial Peeling, Removing tattoos, varicose veins, moles and cysts, treatment of facial wrinkles and body modeling. This new center is strategically located in Building VOHE Of. 202 Camaño Street, Ruta Panamericana Ramal Pilar Km 46, down Temaiken, Pilar (see map), and offers first class facilities with all the comfort and the latest technology. Request ...