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Radiofrequency by micro needles

Have you ever imagined how your skin would be if your face does not show the passage of time?
Do you know there are techniques to get your face as it was when you were 20?
An effective alternative to intervention is radiofrequency through micro needles, a minimally invasive procedure that promotes colagenesis. We will tell you all about this great technique..

Over the years, the face is losing the skin’s natural collagen, fibrous molecules that form its structure and resist tensile forces. By becoming deficient of this protein, the skin starts to show no tone and reveal the first signs of aging, so from the age of 35 these symptoms can become visible through dullness, sagging and wrinkles starts to emerge.
Scarlet is a new technology, with Micro needle Radiofrequency to help regenerate the substances that are essential to keep the skin smooth and young , and its application is simple and innovative , obtaining a result similar to lifting

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Many women, reached their 40s, they begin to worry about the change and choose to perform a “refresh” Face, with the goal of restoring vitality to his face that he had at 20. Thanks to constant technological advancement of aesthetic medicine, we now have a very effective tool without going under the knife.

To combat these signs, “Radiofrequency facial is the ultimate method used to reduce fine lines and treat sagging face and neck. Moreover, it is ideal postoperative facial rejuvenation treatments,” said Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra plastic surgeon and pioneer in zero invasive treatments in our country..

Accompanying the pro-life concept and biosecurity, the specialist said that “the RF is ideal for firm and skin toning, giving freshness and rest to face, this procedure is particularly suitable for women and men who notice signs of aging and want postpone surgery.

What is facial RF?

This contribution of technology is the application of electromagnetic radiation directly on the tissue aged in the deeper layers of the skin in order to cause a molecular energy mobilization facial tissue.

Scarlet produces the gradual heating of the skin, acting mainly on the existing collagen fibers, strengthening and producing an effect called colagenesis (formation of new collagen), causing contraction of the skin , and therefore reducing sagging” explains Dr. Hoogstra, stressing that
“During the procedure is perceived warmth in the treated area, without being annoying or painful. Later the skin may look red which gradually disappears.”
The micro needle are inserted briefly in areas of the face and radiofrequency is applied which achieves skin contraction ( lifting effect ) and redefines facial contours, lifts the cheekbones and eyebrows, as well as the neck (dewlap ) reshaping the facial area.

But its use is not limited to facial skin, because it also is an excellent technique to improve sagging on arms, abdomen, buttocks and legs, caused by age, pregnancy or loss of muscle mass.

The results are extraordinary from the start, although it is growing gradually. No need to take extraordinary measures after the procedure, and requires no anesthesia. It does not require a recovery period and may sunbathe, as long as you use proper protection.

“The result is evident from the first session, since the effect is achieved immediately existing collagen contraction. The second stage will intensify this improvement, achieving maximum results around the first three months, which is when approximately complete the formation of new collagen” says the specialist.

Scarlet is indicated for:

  • Affirm and tone the skin giving freshness and relaxation to the face
  • Define the contours of the face and lift cheeks
  • Reduce wrinkles and lines
  • Smooth wrinkles and expression lines
  • Reduce jowls, bags and dark circles
  • Skin Tone arm, inner thighs and other body areas that require it.

Radiofrequency micro needle inserted to Latin America by Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra is suitable for both men and for women who want to improve their appearance without surgery.
“To get good results , sessions (lasting approximately 30 minutes) should be performed at intervals of 30 days , approximately 4 sessions is recommended , keeping the effect of more than one year if maintenance is performed controlled ” warns the expert.

The lack of freshness and tone on the face may be restored and no longer need it early exposure to the scalpel . There are currently prodigious techniques which combined, are effective and powerful, reversing the signs of aging and regaining the lost luminosity.

Rejuvenation is possible, and having a great skin after 35 is no longer a distant dream due to the advancement of new technologies in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Finally, before considering these treatments, it is essential to visit specialized centers which are recognized for aesthetic procedures in order to assure excellent results. For this, the physician will establish a diagnosis, and based on it, plan appropriate treatment and adjusted to each person.

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