Ricardo Hoogstra MD has received ISAPS recognition

Ricardo Hoogstra MD has received ISAPS recognition by his work on eyelid rejuvenation without scars.

Ricardo Hoogstra has been developing his own technique through more than 20 years.

His technique was published on ISAPS News on july 2017 issue: “Global perspectives: blepharoplasty”

Ricardo Hoogstra was invited to present his work on ISAPS Miami 2018.

Renato Saltz, MD – ISAPS President:
“Dear Ricardo, Thank you for your excellent contributions to the ISAPS News! Send me some topics for Miami Beach 2018, it will be the greatest ISAPS Meeting in history”

J. Peter Rubin, MD – ISAPS News Editor:
“I want to echo Renato’s praise and thanks for your contributions! I have no doubt Miami 2018 will be the best that ISAPS has ever seen!”

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