What are my possibilities before entering the Surgery room?

If you feel the time has come to look better, these are some of the procedures available that we recommend.

Quick and effective face rejuvenation:

This tratment allows a quick rejuvenation and fast recovery, on ocassions when required attend to an event, or before a party.

Naso labial furrows and chinned lip:

Over the years dips appear below the lower lip and also grooves that go from the nose to the upper lip become deeper giving the appearance of an aging face. These days, fillers are safe and effective in allowing us to mitigate one session and give the face a natural and youthful appearance.

Fine wrinkles:

They appear through the years when the skin loses collagen naturally. When this protein becomes deficient , the face begins to show no tone and reveal the first signs of aging , so from the age of 35 it can become visible through dullness , sagging and wrinkles. Latest research show that the most advanced procedure to recover the lost collagen is by using radiofrequency treatment through micro needles. Scarlet was the first radio system by micro needles patented worldwide. Scarlet helps regenerate the substances that are essential to keep the skin smooth and young, and its application is simple and innovative. From the first session you can see improvement in skin quality and after a series of applications you can achieve a tightening effect. This procedure is safe, accurate and effective, and the patient can resume normal activities after each session..

Skin Spots:

Helios II Laser eliminates those pesky stains on your face, neck and back of your hands.

Lack of brightness, lightness and freshness:

Carbon Peeling is ideal for all skin types and can be done all year, even in summer, just hours before going out to a social meeting.

Peri- orbital, eyebrow and forehead wrinkles:

Botulinum toxin is a non-surgical alternative to facial rejuvenation. Main indications for botulinum toxin type A are facial wrinkles. The application of botulinum toxin smoothes wrinkles, rejuvenate your appearance , giving your face a more youthful and relaxed expression.

Lip Wrinkles:

Lack of volume, shape and wrinkles are the main aesthetic problems of the lips. The fillers are the easiest tool and the one with less recovery time to provide shape, volume and reduce wrinkles. It is important, however, that the treating physician is aware of the different types of existing filler materials , have good ability to apply and have a high aesthetic sensibility.

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