Lifting of the arms

 The passage of time and the decrease in weight produced flaccidity of all tissues of the body, the skin of the arms is no exception to this phenomenon.

This generates in the person who suffers an aesthetic discomfort.

In our center, patients of both sexes comes to solve this situation.

The difficulty which existe is the unsightly scar left by the conventional technique (see first part of the video).

The skin of the inner arm for his anatomical feature is not adequate to accommodate a scar, which most of the time despite the precautions taken by the surgeon trained in this procedure widens out to be very visible and unsightly.

For quite a while I began to explore the art of letting the scar on the back of the arm.

The dermis of the back face of the arm is thicker , and therefore is less likely to widen.

The back face of the arm is generally closest to the body and hence the less sight.

To learn more about this treatment, please enter here.

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