Supernumerary nipple

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Gynecomastia and excess fatty tissue in the chest. Gynecomastia is the abnormal enlargement of the mammary glands in the man usually affects their self-esteem. Gynecomastia and excess adipose tissue in Thorax region is often associated with obesity and increased hormones such as prolactin and estrogen. The increase in breast size is usually associated with an imbalance between estrogen (the female hormone) and testosterone (male hormone). Gynecomastia in patients with overweight is usually associated with fatty liver, increased uric acid and triglycerides. Patients with prominent bell...

Umbilicated nipples

Flat, inverted and sunk Nipples. The normal nipple projecting is 1 cm from the areola skin. Flat, inverted, sunk Nipples are not projected from the areola Skin. If you want to check how are your nipples, first look at them in front of a mirror, if protrude approximately one centimeter they are normal. Place your index finger and thumb on the areola and performs gentle massage, if the nipple is projected forward is a sign of normality, if this does not happen, it is possible that your nipple is flat. However if the massage the nipple areola is dipped into the areolar skin. You have an inv...

Mastopexia: sagging breasts

The fall of the female breast is called breast ptosis. Woman's breasts as the years pass and by circumstances such as pregnancy and lactation, decreased turgor pressure and lose weight, tissues, mammary gland, skin and ligaments stretch, and descended beyond the breast submammary. To solve this problem and return to the torso youth and beauty, cosmetic surgery breast lift, breast lift or mastopexy is performed. - If the patient has sagging breasts and the breast are small, it is very likely that prosthesis placement through minimal scars can be achieved given size and lifting. If the ...

Prostheses without visible scars

Although there is increasing amount of information on this topic, there are doubts and myths common to all patients. Here we will try to answer some of the frequently asked questions, and we will make a series of educational videos where patients can share their experiences before, during and after surgery. One of the most difficult problems in augmentative breast surgery is the choice of the prosthesis size . With our video series that we are editing and our advice, I will give you based on my experience over 25 years in the placement of breast implants believe that you will get to the day o...