Prostheses without visible scars

Although there is increasing amount of information on this topic, there are doubts and myths common to all patients. Here we will try to answer some of the frequently asked questions, and we will make a series of educational videos where patients can share their experiences before, during and after surgery.

One of the most difficult problems in augmentative breast surgery is the choice of the prosthesis size . With our video series that we are editing and our advice, I will give you based on my experience over 25 years in the placement of breast implants believe that you will get to the day of surgery sure what the size suitable for physical , age and desire. Now let’s quote some of the frequently asked questions.

– Do breast implants cause cancer?
So far , all studies show that patients with prostheses are less likely to get cancer . It must be understood that this is not due to the prosthesis itself. Simply , when a patient request to have a prosthesis, we do previous studies and checks to see that your breasts are healthy and these studies continue regularly with time.

– Do I have sagging breasts?
If your breasts are small and a bit fallen, most likely with the prosthesis you will solve both problems cause it adds volume and rise your breasts.

– Can you leave the breasts together?
Yes , it is possible that they are closer together because having more volume with a soutien keep one breast close to the other one. But , if we evaluate the breasts without a soutien, even so they will have more volume ( with prosthesis) but with the same direction or axis as it was before the surgery. ”

– Is it better to place the implant behind the breast?
Today I use via subfacial (under the pectoral muscle fascia ) . This new approach combines the advantages of submammary and submuscular tract , reduces the effects of the above side effects and the patient recovers faster and with less discomfort . I use video endoscopy , which helps us to control hemostasis and dissection of the subfascial plane.

– Prostheses “round” or “drop” type?
My choice is round in shape. Some studies show that drop-shaped prosthesis can be rotated . The prosthesis are textured, round, have high profile and are, for me the most appropriate. The drop type breasts I use them in patients who have the breast removed and have to perform a reconstruction.

– Prostheses smooth or rough?
I started placing prosthesis in 1984 at that time we only had smooth prostheses , the percentage of encapsulation (hardness and deformation mammary ) accounted for 60 % of patients treated . For over 10 years I use only new implants and encapsulation rate is less than 3 % .

– Are implants permanent?
Breast implants do not have an expiration date once placed .If you perform regular medical check ups there is no indication of change.

– Can they break?
The prosthesis can be broken by a blunt force such as breaking of a bone . We also observed spontaneous rupture but this is very rare. Current prostheses have evolved markedly in their manufacture, are made with stronger outer layers and filled with cohesive gels . If a person has broken dentures , it is convenient to withdraw as soon as possible and place new prosthesis.

– What type of anesthesia will I receive?
Ideally , we perform the surgery with sedation anesthesia (where the patient is asleep under induction ) . Always assisted by an authorized anesthesiologist.

– Which entrance point do you usually insert the prosthesis from?
The most frequently used entrance points are periareolar , axillary and submammary . Choosing the surgical entrance point will depend on the anatomy of the breast and the areola.

– Are you going to leave drains?
Not necessary.

– What will I feel after surgery?
The post surgery is well tolerated , with mild analgesics . Patient should remain sitted a few hours after surgery , if it does , at night it will hurt more than your breasts back . It is normal to feel breasts beneath a burning sensation like I had done many abs. It relieves placing cold packs.

– Should I stay or I admitted to my home?
Most patients at our hospital stay about 5 hours after being operated .

– When can I go back to swim?
The day after surgery.

– Will I use compression girdles?
No, only anatomical bodices.

– When I can start working?
Approximately 72 hours.

– When I can start doing gymnastics?
You can start softly using a walking tape after 48 hs. Strong gym after a month.

– When I can start breastfeeding?. Does prosthesis influence breastfeeding?
Prosthesis do not affect breastfeeding. If you think about having a child soon after prosthesis placement , I recommend you first have your child and then do the breast implant.

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