Umbilicated nipples

Flat, inverted and sunk Nipples.

The normal nipple projecting is 1 cm from the areola skin.
Flat, inverted, sunk Nipples are not projected from the areola Skin.
If you want to check how are your nipples, first look at them in front of a mirror, if protrude approximately one centimeter they are normal.

Place your index finger and thumb on the areola and performs gentle massage, if the nipple is projected forward is a sign of normality, if this does not happen, it is possible that your nipple is flat. However if the massage the nipple areola is dipped into the areolar skin. You have an inverted nipple.

Inverted nipples are presented between 5% and 10% of women. Also they are also common in men.
The most common causes of inverted nipple are. Congenital due to a shortening of the ducts and fibrotic bands of the breast.

Others causes are due to mastitis or breast cancer.

Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra makes an incision below the nipple and transected fibers pull which pull the nipple.
After the release of the nipple Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra give some stiches to keep the new position and achieve a permanent result.
This is a minimally invasive procedure, leaves no scar or, With immediate recovery.

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