Stye and chalazion

Meibomian glands are secreting fat to tear, which prevents evaporation and drying the eye. Certain skin germs forming a plug, so the gland cap and swells: thus the stye is formed. The first symptoms of a stye usually include pain, redness, itching and tearing. Clinically you can observe a reddish bump on the edge of the lid and the base of the lashes, usually with a period of small pus in the center; If a stye does not drain and does not heal, it can turn into a chalazion. Chalazion tend to develop farther from the edge of the eyelid than styes. The most common home remedies are intended ...

Eyelid rejuvenation in Asian patients

Párpados en pacientes asiáticos
The peculiarity of the Asian patient about the appearance of the eye area, makes eyelid surgery has certain guidelines for a natural result, rejuvenating expression without losing the defining characteristics of this ethnic group. To learn more about this treatment, please enter here.


Ectropion is an alteration in the eyelid position in which it is everted and away from the eyeball, so that the inner surface is exposed (conjunctiva). In most patients ectropion occurs in the lower eyelid. SYMPTOMS Painful dry eye, tearing, redness of the eyelid, conjunctivitis. CAUSES It occurs in elderly patients, by a weakness of the orbicularis muscle myoneural plate. We also see very often in eyelid surgery. Other causes include facial paralysis, sequelae of burn, etc. COMPLICATIONS If the ectropion is not resolved in time, corneal ulcers and eye infections can result which...

Eyelid rejuvenation without visible scars

The eyes are one of the first parts of the face that shows signs of aging. It is often an inherited tendency as in young patients of both sexes with bulging bags and dark circles. Other factors are produced by solar damage over time. Aged eyelids show the following signs: 1) Excess skin and lowering the upper and lower eyelids. 2) Bulging fat bags. 3) Wrinkles. 4) spots. 5) dark circles. All this gives the face a tired and aged look. Eyelid Surgery assisted by laser seeks to recover fresh, relaxed, natural and youthful eyes. Laser assisted transconjunctival blepharoplasty. It involv...