Stye and chalazion

Meibomian glands are secreting fat to tear, which prevents evaporation and drying the eye.
Certain skin germs forming a plug, so the gland cap and swells: thus the stye is formed.
The first symptoms of a stye usually include pain, redness, itching and tearing. Clinically you can observe a reddish bump on the edge of the lid and the base of the lashes, usually with a period of small pus in the center; If a stye does not drain and does not heal, it can turn into a chalazion.

Chalazion tend to develop farther from the edge of the eyelid than styes. The most common home remedies are intended to produce local heat and drain the stye. Must be given eye drops and antibiotic creams. If all these measures fail, the best is the drainage.
We makes a laser shot which reaches the source of the problem and produces content drainage with immediate relief of their symptoms.

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