Fat bags of Bichat

They are a fat accumulation located inside of the cheek. Fat bags of Bichat are located between the masseter and buccinator, on both sides of the face. The bags of Bichat can be removed easily. In some patients these fat pockets are very large giving a very round face. This volume of fat is not related to the patient's weight, it is more due to a hereditary familial and racial constitution. There are thin patients with bulky cheeks and viceversa. Removal of adipose Bichat bags reduces the volume of the cheeks and gives to the face a refined appearance. The removal of the fat bags of...

Neck Laser Lipolysis

Fatty neck Excessive fat in the neck can be caused by heredity, overweight, for diseases such as hypothyroidism and Cushing syndrome. Fatty neck makes us look obese and older. Neck Laser lipolysis is a minimally invasive procedure with immediate recovery. The procedure remodeling the neck without scarring or skin out. The neck Laser lipolysis is a new procedure in laser technology that allows us to return in 30 minutes neck youth without the patient leaves their daily activities. The Laser lipolysis is indicated for women and men with excess fat in the neck that want to improve their...

Face and neck

face and neck
The face begins to show signs of aging as wrinkles become more pronounced, the grooves deepen, the maxillary branch loses definition, cheeks lose volume, neck gains volume and lost definition. When this process begins and its signs are emerging, it is feasible to treat conservatively or minimally invasive. See our web site: What are my possibilities before entering the Surgery room? Face Refresh bladeless Forehead, eyebrows and periorbital wrinkles Skin Rejuvenation with the CO2 laser Naso labial furrows and chinned lip Tear through Lips If you notice that your face has lost the ov...