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The face begins to show signs of aging as wrinkles become more pronounced, the grooves deepen, the maxillary branch loses definition, cheeks lose volume, neck gains volume and lost definition.

When this process begins and its signs are emerging, it is feasible to treat conservatively or minimally invasive.
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What are my possibilities before entering the Surgery room?
Face Refresh bladeless
Forehead, eyebrows and periorbital wrinkles
Skin Rejuvenation with the CO2 laser
Naso labial furrows and chinned lip
Tear through

If you notice that your face has lost the oval, the maxillary branch has lost definition and the neck has a significant excess skin and fat, it is likely that you need is a facelift.

This procedure resets the skin, the muscle, and Apo neurosis.

The face get her normal oval. And the patient gains freshness and youth. The face and neck lift is performed under local anesthesia and sedation , mostly on an outpatient basis . Approximate time to resume the activity is 10 days.

Generally for a natural, pleasant and harmonious result, face and neck lift is combined with other procedures such as:

• Rejuvenation of the eyelids (See: eyelid surgery without scars).
• If the patient has fine wrinkles, during the surgery I performed laser treatment of Carbon Dioxide (See: CO2 resurfacing).
• If the patient has ptosis of the forehead and eyebrows, I performed endoscopic Forehead Lift.
• If the grooves ranging from nose to lips and from the lips to the chin are pronounced filling can be done, with autologous fat or with Hyaluronic acids.
• If the patient has an adipose neck, lipo modelling is done in the same procedure (See Laser lipolysis).
Frequently fears.
Some patients fears to have pain during the procedure. In our center we use local anesthesia with sedation assisted by an anesthesiologist. The patient is asleep during the procedure and immediately ended it wakes up and walks to her room. The years of continuous training and our specialization in facial rejuvenation make able to perform this procedure in a time no longer than 2 hours. This kind of anesthesia and short surgical time make this procedure safe with faster recovery.

Fear of an unnatural result.
The combination of above procedures and the conviction of moderation in each procedure makes the result always natural.

Fear of unsightly scars.
Scars go unnoticed as you will see in the sample pictures and videos

Examples of the Face and Neck Lifts.
In these patients we can see how the reposition of the facial and neck structures provides harmony, a natural youth and beauty to the face. In most of these patients the face and neck lift was associated with filling of the nasal Lips grooves. In aging most of facial structures move downwardly, while the central face go inward by bone reabsorption. This is the reason for what generally the fillers are indicated. See in our website: Fillers.

In the following example, the pre-treatment image shows how the process of aging, facial structures are losing definition and face making the appearance more of a square than an oval. The youth is oval, square demonstrates the laxity of the superficial and deep structures and displacement of these tissues from the face to the neck. Pictured pos operative, gets the OVAL. This is achieved through a surface replacement facial structures (skin) and deep (muscles and fascia).

In the photos below, the patient I made a face and neck lift and laser lipolysis of the jaw and neck. We can observe the naturalness of the result and the absence of visible scars. No filler Nasal-Lips furrows was done., that would have improved even more the result obtained.

In these cases we can see how the replacement of the facial structures provides harmony, youth and beauty to the face.

The results are natural because all it takes to recover its previous state. In most of these patients also filling nasal-lips furrows, also the depression under the lower lips were filled. I found of to fill the face to prolong the date of a surgery.

The most frequents areas to fill are:
– Nasal-lips grooves.
– The groove that go from the Lips to the chin.
– The Tear through groove.
– The chin.
– The Malar area.

Here is a resume about the aging process.
1) Descends of tissues. The Solution is a Lift.
2) Tissues deflation for atrophy. The Solutions is to fill.
3) Photo damage of the skin: The Solution is Skin ablation with CO2 Laser.

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