Neck Laser Lipolysis

Fatty neck

Excessive fat in the neck can be caused by heredity, overweight, for diseases such as hypothyroidism and Cushing syndrome.

Fatty neck makes us look obese and older.

Neck Laser lipolysis is a minimally invasive procedure with immediate recovery.
The procedure remodeling the neck without scarring or skin out.
The neck Laser lipolysis is a new procedure in laser technology that allows us to return in 30 minutes neck youth without the patient leaves their daily activities.
The Laser lipolysis is indicated for women and men with excess fat in the neck that want to improve their contour without undergoing a surgical procedure with resection of skin.

This procedure is performed by Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra.
Place: Hoogstra Centros Médicos, San Jose de Calasanz 176, Caballito, Buenos Aires City.
Anesthesiologist: anesthesiology team of Fernandez Hospital.
Anesthesia: Local with sedation, combines safety and comfort.
Operating time: 30 minutes.
Recovery time in Hoogstra clinic: About 60 minutes.
When I can resume the activity: 24 hours later.

All patients think that once we took the fat, will increase sagging.
However, not only does not increase sagging, you will notice a more toned, taut and defined neck.

How it works?

  • Remove excess fat.
  • Promotes retraction of the tissues of the neck.
  • Lifting Effect without removing skin, collagen stimulation.

Here are a number of clinical cases and videos:

Neck and Face Laser Lipolysis and Lifting

The neck Laser Lipolysis is conducted with the FOX Laser, made in Germany.
A millimeter fiber connected to the Laser transmit the energy to the dermal tissue.
A small incion is made under the chin.
The energy produced by the laser is delivered to the tip of the fiber, this caloric effect melts the fat and produce a tightening effect on the skin of the neck.
With the benefit of laser technology less number of patient need skin resection.
Here we can see a series of pictures of patients that in addition to the neck lipomodelacion we performed a face and neck lifting:

This procedure is done with local anesthesia and sedation.
The patient after a couple of hours live our office.
Between 3 and 7 days resumes its activity.
The cost of face and neck lipomodelation and Lift is about 30.000 pesos plus VAT.
This budget is valid until December 2015
You are advised to conduct studies in your country and travel with preset date for surgery.
Average time recommended to be in Buenos Aires: 8 days.

For those patients who wish to pursue this treatment should request a consultation with Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra in the nearest branch to your home.

For patients within the country or foreigners may perform queries addressing here

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