Invisible lift

The descent of the eyebrows together with forehead wrinkles , frown and crow’s feet give the appearance of anger, sadness and old age. What is laser skin resurfacing? Laser skin resurfacing, also know as a laser peel, laser vaporization and lasabrasion, can reduce facial wrinkles, scars and blemishes. Our clinic have Newer laser technologies which give us a new level of control in laser surfacing, permitting extreme precision, especially in delicate areas.

Today video endoscopic techniques allow us to reposition the eyebrows, clear eyes and wrinkles reduce.

Invisible lift rejuvenates the look and gives the face a more relaxed, happy and youthful expression.
This procedure is performed through a small hidden incision in the scalp.

Candidates for this procedure are men and women who submit the eyebrows down and excess skin from the upper eyelids. Expression of these patients looks tired, sad or angry type and most states that they fill happy and rested.

I perform this Lifting with local anesthesia and sedation. Procedure time is approximately 30 minutes.

Time to return to activity is 3 to 7 days.

Generally I associated this procedure with skin rejuvenation with carbon dioxide laser. I perform this procedure since 1994. I learned at the Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville USA.

The Invisible Lift use video endoscopic techniques and their results are more durable than the conventional facelift.

Forehead, brow and upper eyelid are repositioned without skin removal. The scientific name is forehead and brow video endoscopic Lift.

Endoscopic rejuvenation advantages are:
• Skin not removed.
• No visible scars.
• Natural result .
• Quick return to social and labor activities.

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