Advanced Body remodeling

The Hoogstra Medical Center has the latest technology for body shaping . A high precision surgical technique to model body areas considered unsightly by fatty deposits in a session of about an hour.

This method avoids traumatic incisions such as sutures and large scars.
The process is usually done under local anesthesia and does not require hospitalization.
The patient leaves the procedure and continues with his life almost immediately.
A body area is treated per session.
The most requested areas are abdomen, waist, knees, inner thigh and chin.

A high precision optical fiber of 1 mm in diameter is inserted into the fat deposits .
The laser energy released through the distal end of the optical fiber dissolves fat cells and the oil comes out from the same small incision we made to insert the fiber.
The procedure is completed by inserting another 1mm cannula to aspirate residual oil and adipose tissue debris.[cml_media_alt id='259']imagen-remodelacion2[/cml_media_alt]

Additional benefits of this procedure are:
1) The laser energy stimulates collagen in the treated area and has a tightening effect on it (lifting effect).
2) Do not leave scars.
3) Quick recovery.
4) Less discomfort, less edema, less bruising, this is because instead of using a large caliber cannula using a 1 mm fiber.
5) Low operating cost.

For patients who have sagging the procedure includes several sessions associated capacitive radiofrequency I- Lipo ultra Laser diode combining massage + vacuum with infrared laser.

To learn more about this treatment, please enter here.

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