Laser treatment for adiposite and cellulite

Hoogstra Medical Center presents a less aggressive and safer solution for the elimination of located adiposities and to improve the cellulite.

A fiber laser of high precision of a 1 mm is goes into the adipose tissue, the energy of the laser dissolves the fat and comes out from the small incision made to penetrate the laser fiber. Once the procedure is done, a cannula of 1 mm finishes inhaling the residual fat and the leftovers of adipose tissue.

The Fox is a Laser equipment of diode of 980 nm. This portable equipment of a high precision, was made in Germany. It´s specially designed to get, in a safe and effective way, procedures of high precision and less invasive. It´s made for the correction of irregularities made by the liposuction of thick cannulas, and also helps to treat adiposity located in complex areas, such as face, neck, thighs, knees, abdomen, etc.

It ´s a skill that allows to shape the body, to reduce Skin Sagging, with the following characteristics:
1. Procedure of fast accomplishment.
2. It´s an out-patient procedure. The patient does not need to be hospitalized. They can go back to their daily duties in 24 ó 48 hours.
3. It is made with a local anesthesia, they can be under sedation or not, according to the patient´s choice. Some patients prefer being sedated during the procedure and some of them prefer not to lose conscience. This procedure allows to satisfy either one.
4. The procedure avoids traumatic incisions, stitches and big scars.

[cml_media_alt id='528']FOX III[/cml_media_alt]


We can say that the advantages compared with the conventional liposuction are the following:
• Ambulatory treatment.
• Local Anesthesia.
• Is less painful than the conventional lipo.
• Does not leave scars.
• Produces less edema and bruises.

Some additional benefits would be:
• Excellent tolerance of the patient.
• Fast recovery, there is no down time.
• High patient satisfaction.
• Less operative expenses, which reduces costs for the patient.

Post operative cares:
• Taking care of the treated area.
• Plenty of liquids.
• Hyper protein diet.
• Anti inflammatory, analgesics.

This procedure is less unpleasant for the patient. The small size of the fiber (1 mm) allows us to treat with more confidence some areas with little thickness of tissue. The heat effect produces collagenogenesis, which is very great for the arms and inner thighs treatment. Their effects of retraction are very well-known in weak necks.

The instructions for a Laser Fox treatment would be:
• Corporal areas with unaesthetic adiposities such as abdomen, thigh, etc.
• Retouch of irregularities produced by other liposuction treatments.
• Treatment of complex areas such as face, neck, arms, inner thigh, calves.
• cutaneous Weakness.
• Lipomas.
• Cellulite.

To learn more about this treatment, please enter here.

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