CO2 laser nose rejuvenation

Rejuvenation of the Nose

The nose ages just like the rest of the face. An aged nose is more porous with horizontal wrinkles and falling tip.

The lowering of the nasal tip and the appearance of horizontal wrinkles are caused by lowering of the forehead and accompanied by a decrease in the eyebrows and eyelids.

Reposition of the nasal tip and removal of horizontal wrinkles can be resolved with a minimal incision on the wrinkles, this is a fast, effective procedure and the patient continues immediately with its activity.

When the patient presents in addition to the descent of the nasal tip a descent of the forehead, eyebrows and eyelids that gives a sad tired and aged look we perform an invisible lift.

The invisible Lifting is done with endoscopic video technique, being able to reposition the entire structure of the forehead, eyebrows, eyelids and nose, leaving no visible scars.

Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra has been doing this procedure since 1995 and his clinic is attended not only by patients from the country but also from abroad.

Invisible Lifting is usually associated with a rejuvenation of the skin of the nose and the rest of the face with Carbon Dioxide Laser. See Carbon Dioxide Laser Rejuvenation.

Another sign of aging are vascular lesions, in this situation our Dermatology service performs treatment with 980 nm Diode Laser with excellent results. See Vascular Lesions.

According to the size of the blood vessels the treatment consists of a single session or a pair of sessions with intervals of one month between one and the other.

When aging of the nose consists solely of increased porosity and thickening of the skin the treatment is exclusively Carbon Dioxide Laser.

In one week the patient wears a more youthful, pore-free and smoother skin.

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