The Peeling Method that Revolutionizes Europe

Carbon Peeling is the latest non-invasive method and it can be done on all skin types, any time of the year, even a few hours before going to a party. Carbon Peeling is just one of the many treatments performed with the micro fractionated laser technology built into the Helios II.

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Helios II

The Carbon Peeling name comes from the fact that this procedure involves the application
of a thin layer of carbon powder on the face which is subsequently heat up by mean of
the Quasi-long action of the laser HELIOS II and then removed by the Q-switched
action of the same laser device. A final pass after the carbon has been removed will
produce an inmediate effect on the skin by exfoliating epidermal layers causing a great improvement on skin toning, large pore and wrinkle reduction.
Contrary to what happens with other laser methods where the patient requires several days post treatment, HELIOS II fundamental advantage is that it avoids any epidermal damage risk. Skin looks great inmediately after the procedure, thus saving the patient a lot of discomfort and let him return to his daily activities in no time. One of the Key advantages of Carbon Peeling is that is highly recommended for patients with sensitive skin and allergic to acids used on regular chemical peelings.

Carbon Peeling can be done on darker skin types any time of the year, even summer because it doesn´t cause irritation or photosensibilization of the skin. An additional advantage is that when performed with certain periodicity it will help to reduce acne and the inflammatory proceses produced by it.

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