Frown lines, glabellar

Frown lines are formed by the contraction of two muscle groups, called procerus and corrugatos.
These muscle groups are inserted into the nasal dorsum and skin of the head of the eyebrow.
Its contraction produces one or two vertical lines located between one eyebrow and the other.
Frontal wrinkles, peri orbital, lip and brow wrinkles are produced by the contraction of a muscle or muscle groups that are immediately beneath the skin.
Over the years and after millions of times of contractions, sun exposure and lack of hydration these wrinkles are accentuated.

Anti-aging preventive medicine we do when we apply botulinum toxin before dynamic wrinkles are transformed in static wrinkles.
A static wrinkle is one that is permanently even without muscle contraction occurs.
Preventive medicine is to use photo protection aging, perform proper hydration and attend your specialist doctor for botulinum toxin applied 2 times a year.
If you are in the presence of static wrinkles we associate botulinum toxin with fillers.

The treatment of glabellar lines gives the patient a fresh and rested look. Many patients tell us that before treatment people asked them if they were angry, tired or worried.

Botulinum Toxin + Hyaluronic Acid fillers

The ultimate goal is the use of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid fillers is the attenuate wrinkles and deep grooves, provide a natural result without eliminating facial expression.
If you want to know more about Botulinum toxin may do so watching this video.

Peeling with carbon dioxide laser

Improves skin, reduces lines and furrows.
Removes surface layers aged by the passage of the years and sun damage.
It stimulates collagen producing amazing and lasting results over time.

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