Neck wrinkles

Patients are more aware of the imperfections of her face and often forget the neck and chest. However neck skin is one of the first to accuse the passage of time.

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Although each woman the signs of aging are manifested differently, the most common signs are sagging, excess of adipose tissue and wrinkles of varying intensity. One of the earliest signs of aging of the neck is the loss of elasticity and skin tone.

Laser treatment.
Hoogstra Medical Center has been one of the first institutions in the world to use a new system of RF Micro needles (Scarlet) to tighten the skin of the neck and face. Scarlet radiofrequency energy delivery needles low intensity directly producing on collagen stimulation and contraction. Releasing growth factors also having lifting effect.

This is a painless procedure and the patient can immediately continue their daily lives.

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The radio frequency micro needles also allows the penetration of active substances such as hyaluronic acid serum with other active skin nutrients. In this way we can regenerate the epidermis and tighten collagen. The result is a visible improvement of muscle tone.

The lines are attenuated and observe a few sessions the skin acquires greater firmness and elasticity. The radio frequency micro needles SCARLET is a viable option for women who are afraid to undergo surgery but who wish to have a firmer neck alternative.

If wrinkles are very deep once completed treatment with radiofrequency injected hyaluronic acid in them. The effect is immediate and we can see a significant attenuation or elimination of wrinkles.

These procedures can make the day before a holiday. It is recommended not to take aspirin or painkillers 10 days before the procedure.

Other treatments.
Fabiana Bisignano perform specialist treatments such as microdermabrasion, ultrasonic peeling to remove dead skin cells and smooth wrinkles.

The Botulinum toxin type A is also a method used to counteract muscle contractions in the neck area and thus combat wrinkles and sagging.

Another non-surgical alternative for rejuvenating the skin of the face and neck is the Carbon Dioxide Laser. 



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