Rejuvenating the look


The anatomy of the orbit, eyelids and brow position play an important role in the expression of the eyes.

I remember countless patients of all ages that even in its best days, people asked if they felt good, If they were angry or tired.

We can perform several procedures to give a natural look, cheerful, youthful and refreshed expression.

A fast and effective improvement can be achieved with the placement of botulinum toxin.

The video of Antonella, an italian patient, clearly shows what we can achieve with this procedure.

Other ocations, when excess skin and bags of eyelids is very marked, I perform eyelid surgery assisted with laser.

If eyebrows are really descended, I performe eyebrows endoscopic video surgery to reposition the structers.

My principles to rejuvenate the look are:
– Don´t remove the skin
– Reposition the facial structures.
– No visible scars.
– Natural Look.

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