The concern for aesthetics is not just for women

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Each time there are more and more men concerned about their appearance.

A few years ago, men were approaching our practice with some shyness and modesty, because they wanted to improve the appearance of their nose and reduce abdominal adiposity. The male aesthetic redefined today is not frowned upon the man who cares and yes it is he who neglects his body and face. Most of my patients share the aesthetic concept of elegance and natural appearance. I think in male aesthetics men think about whether or not they look better.
The following are the most frequent consultations we receive from men.

Eyelids adipose bags, eyelid aging.
We brought this technique I learned at the Mayo Clinic in USA and I`ve been performing laser assisted transconjunctival eyelid surgery for the last 18 years .
This procedure leaves no visible scars , and its resultas are natural and recovers very fast.

Expression lines.
The muscles involved in repeated gestures which suffer from hypertrophy (enlargement) and strengthened, producing deeper wrinkles. This is what happens to the muscles of the forehead, around the eyes and eyebrows.
The treatment is the application of Botulinum Toxin which relaxes the muscle`s action and achieves in few days’ time a more rested and youthful appearance.

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Wrinkles and facial furrows.
Are produced by the passage of time, sun damage and by the action of the muscles on the expression.
Hyaluronic Acid fillers are a quick and effective solution.

RF based facial rejuvenation using micro needles (Scarlet system )
Is the procedure most required by my patients these days. Males are generally practicum in nature, and like this method because it produces lasting results and recovery is immediate. The results can be seen in the skin within a few days together with a tightening effect ( lifting) after the third session.
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Sometimes we associate this procedure with the application of platelet- rich plasma .
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Hands and face age spots.
They are normally observed in patients over 40.
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Rosacea and vascular leaking.
Men often suffer vascular dilations in the nose, cheeks and chin . These vascular lesions can be removed in a few sessions with Laser.
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Rejuvenation of the neck.
If your neck has fat deposits and moderate sagging, these can often be resolved with a laser assisted lipo using our Fox laser and If excess skin is significant, you can resect neck skin with a plastic Z and in other circumstances associate a lifting of the face and neck.
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Abdominal adiposity and flanks.
Female hormones make women present below the navel adiposity, whereas male hormones do to deposit fat in the flanks. While this would be an aspect of femininity or masculinity, neither women or men are very happy with this type of adiposity. The good news is that we can address these unsightly fat deposits through two procedures, one of them Invasive : I- Lipo , and the other is minimally invasive Lipo Contour procedures with the Fox. This procedure leaves no scars and allows almost immediate recovery the treated patient.
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Men may have their mammary glands enlarged either by excess adiposity or increased gland itself. These are common situations that have an aesthetic solution that improve the quality of life of the man who has it.

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