Mesotherapy is the infiltration of drugs in the middle layer of the skin. These drugs have become a good alternative to attack cellulite and reduce localized fat. It can also be a complementary treatment to liposuction, as it helps to restore skin tone.

Mesotherapy for cosmetic use as primary ingredients vitamins, minerals, amino acids (which have firming) and xanthine (whose effects are lipolytic). Thus combating problems like cellulite and localized fat, mesotherapy must be accompanied by a change in lifestyle for best results and prolong its effects.

The experts recommend:

  • eating a proper diet (low in fats and proteins)
  • no alcohol (or its effect lipogenesis) or snuff (because it generates cellular hypoxia)
  • not wearing tight shoes or high
  • exercise and avoid a life sedentary.

If the patient does not follow these recommendations, the result will not be as dramatic.

Must be performed by a dermatologist, plastic surgeon or specialist in aesthetic medicine, as there are contraindications during pregnancy, heart problems, blood pressure or thyroid disorders.

Recommended for use if:

Cellulite apply vitamins, which are antioxidants that prevent water from accumulating in the skin proteins, that prevent sagging; xanthine having lipolytic , and phosphatidylcholine, which works at adipose tissue.

These substances improve circulation, help remove toxins, liquefy and eliminate fats, fibrous tissues and destroy producing orange peel.

Size reduction: While not mesotherapy treatment to reduce steps as such , there may be a significant reduction in size . The changes can be seen from the 12 sessions. The results are long lasting if you continue with good eating habits.

Tone and reaffirm: The minerals and amino acids are intended to tone the skin. Mesotherapy is indicated as a treatment that can improve outcomes in patients who underwent liposuction.

Facial wrinkles and sagging: apply substances such as hyaluronic acid, a natural component in the dermis and epidermis support.

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