Ultraformer: new noninvasive method to reduce localized fat, tighten and rejuvenate the skin

Ultraformer is an innovative system that uses microfocused ultrasound. Suitable for todays women and men who want to improve their appearance without leaving the daily activity.

It is highly effective treatment comparable often with a facelift but no scars, no anesthesia and no recovery time.

Unlike laser treatments or surgery, patients treated with Ultraformer can continue their activity immediately as it is a system that works in depth and does not affect the surface of the skin.

Ultraformer not act on the surface of the skin as lasers de. With its unique multi head system operates in the deep layers where collagen resides in the subcutaneous fat tissue and muscle fascial system.

Ultraformer produces results that can be observed immediately after the procedure without skin damage and no recovery time. But the most significant results occur as time passes, reaching its maximum effect within 60 days of the procedure.

The process is to create new collagen, reduce localized fat and tighten skin.

It is indicated in:
• Patients with mild-moderate aging.
• Patients with a significant aging seeking a less significant change as produced by a lift.
• Patients with localized adiposity who want to improve without undergoing surgery.

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