Acne scars

The scars left by the acne appear to be a double punishment, the patient first passes his adolescence with acute outbreaks of acne, comedones, pustules, nodules, etc. These typical acute acne lesions not treated properly end in scars. To better understand this process as we understand first is acute acne. Acute Acne is caused by the obstruction, output the contents of the pilo sebaceous gland. This blockage causes retention of sebum and dead cells. Dilation of the gland in the skin manifests as multiple grains. The sebum and dead cells retained in the sebaceous follicle support the grow...

Severe acne

 Acne is one of the most common disorders in the world. Primarily affects teens. Although the skin is usually elastic, when it's overstretched, the normal production of collagen (the major protein that makes up the connective tissue of the skin) is disrupted. Consequently, they can form scars called stretch marks. They are preferentially located in the abdominal wall, buttocks, legs, arms, and breasts. The color of the streak is at first darker and in its final stage becomes pearly white Types There are two types of stretch marks: • Stretch distension observed in pregnant women, i...