Stained nails, laser treatment

The nails of hands and feet are translucent sheets on top of the fingers and toes. Sometimes it can change color. The discoloration of the nails can have different causes. The nails are formed of a keratin layer that protects the external environment, if for some reason this is disturbed keratin layer nail product is impregnated environmental and stained dark. On this site we will see a video as we clarified in a single session with a totally Helios Laser stained nails. Another cause staining of the nails occurs in patients who have tic fingernail rubbing against each other, this produc...

Novel treatment for Onychomicosis

The end of an enemy that seemed invincible. This is an excellent news in the field of podiatrics because it revolutionize the way to fight against one of the most persistent enemies of the nail. FDA has approved the use of the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser for the treatment of onychomicosis. Helios II and FOX 3 1064 treats nail fungus in hands and feets with more than 90% of therapeutic effectiveness. These lasers deliver light energy through the nail that erradicates the fungui and allows the nail to re generate and grow back again healthy. During the treatment the laser beam produces a s...