Spitz Nevo

Spitz Nevus is a type of Nevo Melanocitico that appears mainly in children and young people. It is a benign lesion. Their size varies by a few mm to 0.6 -3 cm. It is located most frequently on the face and lower limbs. It is rapidly growing. Its color varies from red to black.   To ask about this treatment, please enter here.

Ota nevus

ota nevus
Ota nevus is a stain that has a blue or black color which appears at birth. It is located on the face, follows the trigeminal nerve. Usually also it affects the nasal mucosa, oral mucosa and eye. It is more common in asian and people of color. Currently, the best treatment for nevus of Ota is the Laser HELIOS Q - Switched ND Yag 1064, which runs through selective photothermal and photomechanical destruction of dermal melanocytes and melanophages. To achieve effective results are needed between 4 and 8 sessions with intervals of 15 to 30 days of each other. To learn more about this tr...

Intradermal nevi

Nevus or Nevo (Latin naevus, lunar) is a proliferation of different types of cells in the skin. Thus, there may be Sebaceous nevus , apocrine (of apocrine glands in the skin), and so on. The most characteristic are melanocytic nevi, which are proliferations of pigmented cells called "nevus cells". These skin lesions can be removed today with different types of Laser. The Laser treatment is a safe, fast, painless, effective and above all with an extraordinary aesthetic result procedure. To learn more about this treatment, please enter here.

Nevo Ruby or red mole

Nevos- o Lunares Rojos
The word nevus or nevus (Latin naevus, mole) refers to a proliferation of different cell types in the skin. The most typical are melanocytic nevi that are pigmented cell proliferations. The Nevus Rufus or red spots, also known as Nevus Ruby, Ruby Points, Nevus or Moles Blood Cherry. Benign moles are listed older subjects, skin aging, men and women, usually in the chest, neck and arm. They are usually circular, red and of one or two millimeters in diameter. Many are also in fair-skinned people. His appearance is a vascular dilation of small superficial blood vessels. May appear for liver ...


When strategically placed on the cheek of a woman, they can be attractive. Some womens , even, paint artificial moles on their faces. They are called beauty marks, but not all moles are beautiful. In daily practice there are many patients who consult to remove moles that they consider unsightly. The main advantage of treating moles with a laser is that it avoids scarring. Removing moles with a scalpel regardless of size and number, always leads to scars. By using a laser you get a better aesthetic opportunity. Because laser light is absorbed by the pigment in the nevus. Consequently Nev...