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Helios II

When strategically placed on the cheek of a woman, they can be attractive. Some womens , even, paint artificial moles on their faces. They are called beauty marks, but not all moles are beautiful.

In daily practice there are many patients who consult to remove moles that they consider unsightly.
The main advantage of treating moles with a laser is that it avoids scarring. Removing moles with a scalpel regardless of size and number, always leads to scars.

By using a laser you get a better aesthetic opportunity. Because laser light is absorbed by the pigment in the nevus. Consequently Nevus heating occurs and this in turn leads to vaporization and nevus removal without damaging neighboring tissue.

The Helios II Laser treatment is the most accurate to date for this treatment.
Patient satisfaction is high.

Recurrences are well accepted and easy to correct. Therefore, the lasers generate more efficient results when trying to remove moles due to aesthetic reasons.

After 20 years of using various laser technologies, I found that the HELIOS II frequency doubled Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser with Q-switch 1064nm , free running 1064nm and Q-switched 532 nm modes is the ideal tool to remove moles and Nevus of Ota quickly and safely Leaves no scars and gives very satisfactory aesthetic results.

Nevus are benign skin lesions in their vast majority, however prior to any laser treatment, one must perform a clinical evaluation, anatomopathologic and Videoscopic. The majority of moles can be removed with laser in a single session and the patient can continue with their normal life immediately, without carrying any occlusive dressing.

Treatment advantage of moles using the HELIOS II Laser system.

• No anaesthesia required.
• It is an aesthetic treatment, not surgical. Performed exclusively by a specialist.
• Normally, in only one session we achieve permanent removal of the lesion.
• Excellent cost to effectivity ratio.
• Much Better result compared to other procedures.

Most moles are completely benign and do not have any risk of malignancy, but it must be surgically removed and sent for histo pathological study all nevi that:

• Has colors and irregular borders.
• Grows quickly.
• Bleeds.
• Frequently swells.
• It is located on a friction zone such as the base of the foot.
• Are very dark and found in hard to access áreas such as scalp, peri anal, etc.
• Big size Nevus.

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