Piercing scars

The classic piercing is performed on female newborns in the earlobe. Today the practice of piercing was extended to other parts of the body such as the eyebrows, nostrils, navel, lips, tongue and genitals among others. After a time the orifice produced begins to epithelize and a fistula is generated. Fistula is a connection or channel between tissues or organs. Fistulas do not close spontaneously and when the person removes the decorative element either because they do not want to use more or because tube infection or allergic reactions there is left a depressed scar and an unsightly fis...

Acne scars

The scars left by the acne appear to be a double punishment, the patient first passes his adolescence with acute outbreaks of acne, comedones, pustules, nodules, etc. These typical acute acne lesions not treated properly end in scars. To better understand this process as we understand first is acute acne. Acute Acne is caused by the obstruction, output the contents of the pilo sebaceous gland. This blockage causes retention of sebum and dead cells. Dilation of the gland in the skin manifests as multiple grains. The sebum and dead cells retained in the sebaceous follicle support the grow...

Depressed scars

The loss of skin, subcutaneous tissue and often muscle produce depressed scars. These scars can due to accidents, acts of violence or surgeries. It is common to see depressed scars after abdominal surgery. These surgical wounds usually infect and produced damage to the fat. Depressed scars are produced by the replacement the local tissue for connective tissue. While scars can not be eliminated entirely, our surgical experience and laser technology that have allowed us to help improve the aesthetic and functional appearance of his scar. This procedure is performed by Dr. Ricardo...

Over expressed scars

Scar occurs when the epithelial tissue is replaced with connective tissue. Scars are the expression of the healing process that occurs in the dermis and epidermis after an injury, either after surgery or after trauma. When healing is excessive, the scar is over expressed. Over expressed scars are divided in two groups, Keloid scars and simple hypertrophic scars. We also have other kinds of scars such as sunken pinpoint scars produced by acne sequels, chicken pox etc. Sunken scars caused by trauma or surgical procedures and wide scars. In other Newsletter we will refer to our experience in...