Acne scars

The scars left by the acne appear to be a double punishment, the patient first passes his adolescence with acute outbreaks of acne, comedones, pustules, nodules, etc.
These typical acute acne lesions not treated properly end in scars.

To better understand this process as we understand first is acute acne.
Acute Acne is caused by the obstruction, output the contents of the pilo sebaceous gland. This blockage causes retention of sebum and dead cells.
Dilation of the gland in the skin manifests as multiple grains.
The sebum and dead cells retained in the sebaceous follicle support the growth of bacteria, then infection occurs, pimples become red and hot.
The severity of acute acne ranges from milia, famous little black points, to pustules and large inflammatory nodules.

These processes affect to varying degrees the skin and subcutaneous tissue, causing scarring of varying degrees ranging from small depressions in the skin to large depressed scars.
Inflammatory nodules are usually those who have far deeper and extensive scarring.
The best way to treat acne is to prevent these scars effectively treating acute acne.
Our facilities have the latest technology and Dermatologists trained to treat severe acne and prevent its aftermath.

We invite you to view videos of patients with ACUTE ACNE.

How we treated acne scars
Our centers have different technologies to reduce or eliminate the scars left by severe acne.
Let’s put first the least invasive treatments and immediate recovery to reach the end to the most intense conditions.

  • SCARLET, radiofrequency microneedles:

It is a modern treatment that produces a gradual improvement of the skin, is not painful, the patient can immediately continue with your life without a trace.
Cost per session $AR 2,600 pesos. Validity of the budget: March 2016
Requires 6 sessions at intervals of 30 days between them.

  • Erbium Laser Lotus:

The laser removes the top layers, leaving the skin smoother with less scarring.
It has a recovery of 48 hours, a period in which the skin is red, to do several sessions depending on the degree of sequelae.
Cost per session: $AR 1,200 pesos. Validity of the budget: March 2016

  • Carbon dioxide laser Morexel and Firexel:

They work at a deeper level, better aesthetic results.
There are different intensities.

Soft: recovery time takes four days Dr. Noelia Rodriguez and Lorena Paez performe this treatment in Hoogstra Medical Center Caballito, Buenos Aires City.
Cost: $AR 4,500 pesos
Moderate intensity: recovery time: 10 days.
Cost: $AR 10,000 pesos.
Very strong intensity: recovery time, scars 13 days, redness 40 days.
Cost: $AR 18,000 pesos.

The latter two are performed by Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra. with anesthetic support.
To perform these treatments first make an appointment with Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra

To learn more about this treatment, please enter here.

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