Depressed scars

The loss of skin, subcutaneous tissue and often muscle produce depressed scars.
These scars can due to accidents, acts of violence or surgeries.
It is common to see depressed scars after abdominal surgery.

These surgical wounds usually infect and produced damage to the fat.
Depressed scars are produced by the replacement the local tissue for connective tissue.

While scars can not be eliminated entirely, our surgical experience and laser technology that have allowed us to help improve the aesthetic and functional appearance of his scar.

This procedure is performed by Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra.
Place: Surgical Unit Hoogstra Medical Centers, San Jose de Calasanz 176, Caballito, CABA.
Procedure Type: Ambulatory, with local anesthesia and sedation. Safety and comfort combined.
Anesthesiologist: anesthesiology team of Fernandez Hospital.

Ask for costs or other inquiries about this procedure, you can send photos and medical records via internet by clicking here.

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