How to treat dark spot on the skin

The dark spots on the skin can be benign or malignant. The most common benign lesions are actinic lentigines.

Also called age spots or solar lentigines, they are found in sun-exposed ar[cml_media_alt id='191']helios2[/cml_media_alt]eas such as the face, back of hands, neck and forearms.

Their size may be a few millimeters to several centimeters and sometimes they are very large.

They usually appear after age 40 and have an earlier development in photo type II people who have not procured adequate sun protection. Lentigines are a constant in elderly whites.

The most common treatments include cryosurgery and electrosurgery. These treatments are painful and often leave scars.

At present, the most effective and safest treatment is the one performed with Laser Helios. With Laser Helios you can remove the lesion in a completely painless way, leaving a clean and healthy skin. The light energy from the laser is absorbed by the pigment which is denatured without causing any damage to surrounding tissue

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