Hyperpigmentation or dark skin spots pos – carbon dioxide Laser

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How they occur and how hyperpigmentations or dark spots skin are produced after photo rejuvenation with carbon dioxide laser.

The carbon dioxide laser is one of the most effective skin rejuvenation tools.

Tiny laser beams penetrate the skin like thermals columns to the deep dermis. Heating the deep dermis collagen producing an increased tension of the skin and reducing wrinkles and fine lines At the level of the epidermis produces a surface ablation removal of actinic spots, solar keratosis, attenuation of the pores and reduce acne scars.

This thermal heating may occur in some patients with dark skin an hyperpigmentation or dark spots or dark areas.

This is an undesired effect reversible and transient.
Any patient who goes through this situation suffers anguish and think this will last forever.

I ‘ve done Carbon Dioxide Laser since 1995 and in hundreds of patients I never saw a permanent hyperpigmentation .

For 6 years we are using new laser of carbon dioxide to which the call Micro fractionated, This means that leave spaces of healthy skin from a thermal column and the other . This makes this unwanted effect (hyperpigmentation less frequent).

In 2012 we incorporated in all our centers a new technology, the Laser Helios ( ND Yag 1064-532).

The Helios is a Laser for removing skin Darkness.

The Laser Helios does not irritate the skin, not red and after each session the patient continues immediately with their activity.

Laser light energy is absorbed by pigment . This results in the vaporization of the pigment.
You can see that with each session the skin becomes clearer and after a couple of sessions back to its normal color or slightly lighter and shiny than it was originally.

The Laser Helios is specially designed to remove all types of skin blemishes and tattoos all kinds of color

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