Multiple lipomatosis

It is a condition characterized by the appearance of multiple lipomas in the trunk and extremities. They are usually presented in more than one member of the family. Lipomas, while not very painful, aesthetically and functionally affect the person who has them. Patients with multiple lipomatosis generally received some type of surgical treatment and have unsightly scars, which is why they hesitate to continue the removal of the remaining ones. Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra developed a technique that allows the removal of many lipomas in a single session with local anesthesia and leaving min...

Dermoid Cyst in the eyebrow tail

Dermoid cysts are considered a form of cystic teratoma derived from the embryonic germinal epithelium. In the interior of the cyst often we found skin, glands, hair, teeth, etc. ETIOLOGY: When bone union lines begin to close, they can be caught in the same epithelial tissue. This trapped tissue produce the cyst The sutures most frequently affected are the frontozygomaticas, this gives rise to the cyst is located more often in the tail of the eyebrow. CLINICAL: Dermoid cysts are oval, painless, smooth, slow-growing masses. TREATMENT: The treatment is surgical and involves c...

Keratosis pilaris or goosebumps

Keratosis pilaris is characterized by the presence of keratin plugs into follicular orifices and a variable degree of perifollicular erythema. It is not caused by the cold as commonly known. It is usually inherited, but is also seen in obese patients, diabetes, renal failure and other. Primarily it affects arms, thighs, buttocks and chest. Clinically are papulas- white and grey- hair left trapped, with redness around. The skin is rough to the touch. Patients report improvement during the summer. The best treatment there at the moment is the Erbium Laser Lotus. It's fast, effect...


Syringomas are benign tumors of the eccrine glands. Syringomas are Multiple lesions of skin colored, slightly raised whose diameter is 1-5 mm. They are located mainly in lower eyelids, neck, chest. More common in middle- age women. Treatment: The most modern, effective, painless and quick recovery is the extraction treatment with Erbium Laser Lotus. To ask about this treatment, please enter here.

Molluscum pendulum

Molluscum pendulum is a benign tumor of the skin. It is a soft tumor protruding from the skin surface and is attached to the skin by a itsm. The color may be different between light to dark. These lesions usually appear on the back, neck, body folds such as the armpits and on the eyelids. Its size is usually a few millimeters, rarely goes beyond centimeters. The ideal treatment is removal with Laser Lotus, because it is painless and recovery is faster than with conventional treatments. Patients testimonies: To ask about this treatment, please enter here.

Cutaneous Horn

The cutaneous horn (Latin horn, " horn ", " horny skin " or " outgrowth ") The cutaneous horn is defined as a tumor lesion with great hyperkeratosis. It may be associated with benign lesions (actinic keratoses) and malignant (squamous cell carcinoma). Cutaneous horns usually appear on exposed areas. There are several injuries that can form the basis of the cutaneous horn, including squamous cell carcinoma, actinic keratosis, keratoacanthomas, Bowen's disease, seborrheic keratoses, basal cell carcinomas, hemangiomas, Kaposi's sarcoma. Treatment consists of complete resection of the le...

Hairy eruptive cysts

Quistes vellosos eruptivos
Downy eruptive cyst is a developmental disorder of the hair follicle which predispose to occlusion of the outflow tract, which leads to hair retention and cystic dilatation. It is clinically manifested by the appearance of numerous asymptomatic macules or papules on anterior chest, abdomen and underarms, but can also occur in the neck and face. The lesions may be skin -colored, erythematous, yellowish or bluish, its size varies from 1-5 mm and the amount is variable. Treatment of these cysts until now was difficult. Today thanks to Laser technology can make small holes in the skin, pa...

Laser to remove benign skin tumors and cysts

Great news in the dermatological field: New treatments with laser -powered devices can eliminate benign skin tumors (as keratoses, keratoacanthomas, warts, nevi , adenomas, mollusks, keloids or xanthelasmas ) without resorting to surgery. Conventional treatment for these skin problems is surgical removal or freezing (cryo therapy), which involve pain during and after surgery, anesthesia , scars and other problems . Laser Treatment with Lotus II , Erbium microfractional is done in practice. Not being required anesthesia procedure is faster and more secure. You may notice a redness or discomfor...

Hemangioma. Angiomas

It is an abnormal buildup of blood vessels in the skin or internal organs. Around 1 in 3 hemangiomas are present at birth and the rest appear in the first months of life. The hemangioma may be: • In the top skin layers (capillary hemangioma). • Being deep in the skin (cavernous hemangioma). • Being a mixture of both. Treatment: The most effective treatment today is the laser. The most used are the long-pulsed Nd: YAG 1064 nm and diode 980. For red superficial angiomas is very effective 532 nm laser. The number of sessions will be related to the type of vascular injury and the l...

Laser to remove benign tumors on cysts and skin

Sebaceous cysts frequently originate from hair follicles (Pilar Cysts) or from the epidermis (epidermoid cysts). They are located frequently on the face , neck and torso. They are moving masses that move freely under the skin, grow slowly and do not cause any pain. They get infected quite often and present the following symptoms and signs: skin redness, pain, increase in local temperature and drainage of a white-gray material that looks much like cottage cheese. Conventional treatment includes surgical resection of the cyst and neighboring skin. The newest treatment includes the use of...

Keratosis, actinic and seborrheic

Actinic keratosis are benign tumors of the skin surface. The condition usually appears after age 40. Actinic keratoses are most common in parts of the body that are most exposed to the sun such as face, ears, neck, hands, or forearms They`re usually painless, but may become irritated and itchy. Keratosis presents itself clinically as spots or rough, scaly lesions. These spots or lesions are not cancerous, but if left untreated, can potentially become a serious type of skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma. What are the symptoms of actinic keratosis? Actinic keratosis is seen as...

Laser wart treatment

Warts are skin lesions caused by the human papilloma virus. Its removal is not easy as the warts have their own blood supply system which generates heavy bleeding. Additionally nerve committed by causing great pain terminals. Warts are contagious. Individuals with impaired immune systems are more prone to this disease. Depending on the serotype of the virus, the affected area is different (hands, face, feet, anogenital etc.). Treatments: The treatments are based on the local tissue destruction: Cryosurgery (freezing the tissue) is an effective treatment but very painful and leaves a d...


They are benign lesions as a yellowish plaques, which appear in both the upper eyelid and the lower eyelid. What is its origin? They are fat and cholesterol deposits that do not always relate to blood cholesterol nor with metabolic disorders What are the symptoms? They are merely cosmetic don't produce symptoms. How is the treatment? Surgery is the most common treatment. Nd: YAG: is another therapeutic option that requires no preparation, no need to be in a surgical area and also no need of the use of anesthesia To learn more about this treatment, please enter here.

Rhinophyma, treatment with carbon dioxide laser

Rhinophyma is characterised by prominent pores and a fibrous thickening of the nose, sometimes with papules. It is associated with the common skin condition rosacea. It can carry a strong psychological impact due to its effect on one's personal appearance. Rhinophyma is a slowly progressive condition due to hypertrophy of the sebaceous glands of the tip of the nose often seen in cases of long-standing acne rosacea; it is not a neoplasm. It presents as a pink, lobulated mass over the nose with superficial vascular dilation; it mostly affects men past middle age. Patients seek advice b...

Pyogenic granuloma

Pyogenic granuloma is a vascular lesion that occurs on both mucosa and skin, and appears as an overgrowth of tissue due to irritation, or trauma. Also known as a "Eruptive hemangioma", "Granulation tissue-type hemangioma", "Granuloma gravidarum", "Lobular capillary hemangioma", "Pregnancy tumor", and "Tumor of pregnancy". The name for pyogenic granuloma is misleading because it is not a true granuloma. In actuality, it is a capillary hemangioma of lobular subtype which is the reason they are often quite prone to bleeding. Treatment Usually surgery is needed, in our clinic we performed L...

Skin papules

A papule is a type of skin lesion, circumscribed, elevated, well-defined edges, solid content. Most of these lesions is elevated above the level of the surrounding skin and not the deeper planes, but may involve both dermis and epidermis. Conventional treatments are: - Electrocoagulation. - Cryosurgery. - Scalpel surgery. At Hoogstra Medical Center, Erbium Laser is used with Lotus II which can vaporize the lesion selectively without affecting the surrounding tissues. Removal of skin papules with Laser Lotus is a more effective, quick, painless with excellent cosmetic outcome pro...


Lipomas are benign tumors composed of the subcutaneous tissue proliferation. It can occur anywhere on the body. They are soft to the touch and usually not painful, are generally soft consistency. They are usually small, but sometimes acquire great size. The treatment of these tumors was always surgical. The laser with wavelength 980 nm, 1064 nm we provide a new therapeutic modality. Laser light energy is transmitted through a fiber of 1 mm which is inserted percutaneous into the skin through. This procedure leaves no scars, no wounds sutured and the patient's recovery is much faster. ...