Dermoid Cyst in the eyebrow tail

Dermoid cysts are considered a form of cystic teratoma derived from the embryonic germinal epithelium. In the interior of the cyst often we found skin, glands, hair, teeth, etc.


When bone union lines begin to close, they can be caught in the same epithelial tissue. This trapped tissue produce the cyst

The sutures most frequently affected are the frontozygomaticas, this gives rise to the cyst is located more often in the tail of the eyebrow.


Dermoid cysts are oval, painless, smooth, slow-growing masses.


The treatment is surgical and involves complete excision of the lesion. It’s easier to completely remove the cyst and not to leave scars using the carbon dioxide Laser. If the cyst is infected and will pour out its contents, it is more likely that in the future we will have a recurrence of the same. Other causes of relapse occur when the cyst gets deep-shaped suture bone and this makes it difficult for its complete removal.

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