Keratosis pilaris or goosebumps

Keratosis pilaris is characterized by the presence of keratin plugs into follicular orifices and a variable degree of perifollicular erythema.

It is not caused by the cold as commonly known. It is usually inherited, but is also seen in obese patients, diabetes, renal failure and other.

Primarily it affects arms, thighs, buttocks and chest.
Clinically are papulas- white and grey- hair left trapped, with redness around.
The skin is rough to the touch.
Patients report improvement during the summer.

The best treatment there at the moment is the Erbium Laser Lotus.
It’s fast, effective, safe, painless, immediate recovery. A redness that lasts a 24. A 36 Hs.
Hydrating creams associate with urea 10%.

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