Multiple lipomatosis

It is a condition characterized by the appearance of multiple lipomas in the trunk and extremities.

They are usually presented in more than one member of the family.

Lipomas, while not very painful, aesthetically and functionally affect the person who has them.

Patients with multiple lipomatosis generally received some type of surgical treatment and have unsightly scars, which is why they hesitate to continue the removal of the remaining ones.

Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra developed a technique that allows the removal of many lipomas in a single session with local anesthesia and leaving minimal incisions well aesthetically accepted.

This procedure is well tolerated and the patient continues immediately with its activity.

We invite you to watch videos made at Hoogstra Centro Médicos, where in addition to seeing the surgical technique you will be able to see the number of lipomas that are extracted through minimal incisions and the story of the treated patients.

Patients testimonials:

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