Stretch marks

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These grooves are in the form of skin atrophy whit lines , localized in the connective tissue . They appear when the skin is stretched or giving of themselves due to rapid growth .

Although the skin is usually elastic, when it’s overstretched, the normal production of collagen (the major protein that makes up the connective tissue of the skin) is disrupted. Consequently, they can form scars called stretch marks.

They are preferentially located in the abdominal wall, buttocks, legs, arms, and breasts. The color of the streak is at first darker and in its final stage becomes pearly white

There are two types of stretch marks:
• Stretch distension observed in pregnant women, in patients who have lost weight drastically.
• Stretch purple or violet purpuric or dark reds that are a hallmark of Cushing’s Syndrome by excessive production of cortisol (hypercortisolism). They can be created also by prolonged consumption of pharmaceutical steroids.

From a physiological standpoint, stretch marks are caused by the stretching of the middle and inner layers of the skin due to pregnancy, puberty and rapid growth, also by the sudden increase or decrease in weight.

Stretch marks can also occur when a person uses creams or lotions containing steroids, or has to take high doses of corticosteroids for prolonged periods.

The groove is as a skin scar produced by the breakdown of the collagen fibers and elastin

The most important is to prevent sudden increase or decrease in weight.
Hydrate and maintain skin elasticity , applied since the beginning of pregnancy or when the adolescent begins to grow rapidly , cosmetics to include in their composition elastin hydro lysates, extracts of placenta, amniotic fluid, such as plant extracts equisetum ( tail horse ) , algae, etc. Massage stimulates circulation in the skin and the penetration of active ingredients.
The same applies to patients who are undergoing the placement of breast implants.
Drinking plenty of water and use creams with vitamin A helps prevention.

How to treat?
More radical methods for treating stretch marks are ablative CO2 lasers and the Erbium laser.

The ultimate for the treatment of stretch marks is the use of a novel system called SCARLET which implements Fractional RF through micro needles. The Hoogstra Clinic has this sophisticated technology and medical professionals to treat each particular clinical situation just as when the patient has stretch marks on lower abdomen or sagging. It can also be indicated for tummy tuck

To learn more about this treatment, please enter here.

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