“Spider” Treatment, much more easier

Treatment of superficial vascular lessions has been performed since several yearswith different substances. This substances are injected through very thin needles inside the blood vessels, which produces an endothelium irritation and subsequent closure. When the vessel is too thin like the red ones or violasceous ones that we usually see on our foots and on the facial region, it is very hard to treat them with a needle. On this type of lessions called telaegestascia the best treatment is with a laser.device. Thel 980nm Semiconductor Laser FOX III is applied on the skin right along the "spi...

Treatment for “spider veins”, much easier

The surface treatment of these vascular lesions has been performed for many years using sclerosing agents, these substances are injected through a fine needle into the lumen of the blood vessel , this causes irritation of the endothelium and vessel occlusion. When vessels are very thin, like the red or purple ones we usually see in the lower limbs and the facial region, it is very difficult, if not impossible to insert a needle. In this type of lesions called Telangiectasias or "spider veins" the best treatment is to perform a laser treatment. The 980nm diode laser called FOX is applied o...

Hemangioma. Angiomas

It is an abnormal buildup of blood vessels in the skin or internal organs. Around 1 in 3 hemangiomas are present at birth and the rest appear in the first months of life. The hemangioma may be: • In the top skin layers (capillary hemangioma). • Being deep in the skin (cavernous hemangioma). • Being a mixture of both. Treatment: The most effective treatment today is the laser. The most used are the long-pulsed Nd: YAG 1064 nm and diode 980. For red superficial angiomas is very effective 532 nm laser. The number of sessions will be related to the type of vascular injury and the l...

Nevo Ruby or red mole

Nevos- o Lunares Rojos
The word nevus or nevus (Latin naevus, mole) refers to a proliferation of different cell types in the skin. The most typical are melanocytic nevi that are pigmented cell proliferations. The Nevus Rufus or red spots, also known as Nevus Ruby, Ruby Points, Nevus or Moles Blood Cherry. Benign moles are listed older subjects, skin aging, men and women, usually in the chest, neck and arm. They are usually circular, red and of one or two millimeters in diameter. Many are also in fair-skinned people. His appearance is a vascular dilation of small superficial blood vessels. May appear for liver ...