“Spider” Treatment, much more easier

Treatment of superficial vascular lessions has been performed since several yearswith different substances. This substances are injected through very thin needles inside the blood vessels, which produces an endothelium irritation and subsequent closure.

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(Antes y Después)

When the vessel is too thin like the red ones or violasceous ones that we usually see on our foots and on the facial region, it is very hard to treat them with a needle. On this type of lessions called telaegestascia the best treatment is with a laser.device.

Thel 980nm Semiconductor Laser FOX III is applied on the skin right along the “spider” vein heating it up. Thus the laser coagulates and close the vessel without damaging the skin or peripheral tissue.

The special laser wavelength from the FOX laser is highly absorbed by the hemoglobin and oxihemoglobine. This is why the vessel can be easily coagulated under the skin without damaging the skin, thus the spider slowly starts to dissapears.

For the treatment to be long lasting, it has to be repited after 3 or 4 weeks and results are visible usually after 6 to 10 weeks.

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