Dr. Steven Shapiro

Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra is an excellent trainer for lasers. As a practicing Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Hoogstra understands the needs of his trainees and gives very useful information. In addition to giving the necessary details while teaching lasers, Dr. Hoogstra gives the special pearls needed to get the best results from his trainees. I highly recommend Dr. Hoogstra as one of the best and most practical instructors I have ever learned lasers.

Dr. Joop M. Grevelink

Dr Ricardo Hoogstra is one of the pre-eminent plastic surgeons in Argentina. As a pioneer in laser surgery, he organized international medical/surgical conferences in Buenos Aires. He has traveled all over the world to further educate himself and enhance his surgical skills. He is a compassionate doctor and I highly recommend him.

Dr. Daniel M. Calloway

Ricardo is the finest example of a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He is well spoken, well read, and has excellent surgical skills.